Music Monday – The Handmaids Tale

Margaret Atwood has an innate ability to paint a dystopia that feels extremely realistic and close to the present day world. There has been renewed interest in Atwood’s seminal novel The Handmaid’s Tale due to its relevance and the Emmy-winning Hulu adaptation. To celebrate this strong Canadian author and fueler of nightmares, we created a playlist inspired by The Handmaid’s Tale. 

The motifs for the playlist were medal protest songs that illustrate themes of the books. From Burn the Witch, which illustrates the power the commanders have over the handmaids and how fear rules their lives, to Secrets by One Republic, which illustrates the relationship Offred and Nick have, to the Jefferson Airplane’s The White Rabbit, which displays the coping mechanisms for the sexual and emotional abuse the system and the commanders inflict upon them.

Featured Image via mashable