Murakami Likely to Win Nobel Prize in Literature

Haruki Murakami is very similar to Leonardo DiCaprio. How? They both have been delayed their most sought after award. For Leonardo it was an Oscar, but for Murakami it’s a Nobel Prize. Ladbrokes, an online gambling site, has Murakami at 4/1 as the favorite to win the prize. A Labrokes spokesperson said in a recent interview with The Guardian, “Murakami is top again – he’s there every year, but his fans more than ever think this could be his turn.”

The Swedish Academy, which is made up of the 18 judges that choose the Nobel Prize winners, haven’t budged an inch on the topic. They have a tradition of not releasing their shortlist for at least 50 years after deciding a winner. So, in reality, Murakami may not even be on the list!

However, Ladbrokes has some notable success in their predictions: “Seven out of 10 times in the last decade, the eventual winner was in Ladbroke’s top three.” Whether you like to gamble or not, Murakami has a high chance of winning, because of his outstanding contribution to literature.

His work in magical realist fiction is fresh and is constantly seeking the truth of human nature. He is also an author that has transcended is culture and entered the realm of global recognition. Similar to Paulo Coelho, Murakami’s work relates to core human ideas and concepts we all can relate to. If you are unfamiliar with his work, consider picking up the book that catapulted him into the spotlight, Norwegian Wood.

Good luck to all of the authors on the Swedish Academy’s secretive short list!


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