Muhammad Ali Gets the Graphic Novel Treatment

Muhammad Ali is back! This time he’ll appear in graphic form! Dark Horse Comics is translating a French graphic novel written by Sybille Titeux and drawn by Amazing Ameziane, which celebrates the life of one of the greatest cultural icons of the 20th century.

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The graphic novel retells Muhammad Ali’s accidental introduction to boxing. Somebody made the fateful choice to steal young Cassius Clay’s bike. Clay went into a boxing gym to tell a police officer who was operating the gym in his spare time. Clay kepts repeating that he was going to “whup” whoever stole his bike. The officer responded by saying, “You should know how to fight if you’re going to whup somebody.” And that is when everything changed from the young heavy weight champion of the world.

Cassius Clay took to boxing immediately. An article from The Washington Post outlining how Ali became a boxer reported that “[Clay] came back to the gym – and night after night he kept coming back” He was dedicated, he was focused, and on top of that he had the self-esteem to consider himself “the greatest” even before he won a single match.

From his local gym to the Olympics, and finally to the mainstream world of boxing, Cassius Clay solidified himself as indeed the greatest boxer alive. Not only was he a great fighter, but he also spoke out in support of the civil rights movement during his time and was strongly against the Vietnam War. A champion inside the ring and outside.

His story has been told many times, but now it is finally being released as a graphic novel for English readers. A lot of great material has been released recently in the comic book world. Muhammad Ali is going to make a great addition to this field of literature and art.


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