‘Mrs. Fletcher’ Adaptation in the Works at HBO

HBO have never been short of great book adaptations fromBig Little Lies to Gossip Girl to Game of Thrones… the list can go on, and it doesn’t look like HBO will be stopping any time soon. Their latest critically acclaimed TV adaptation The Leftovers, based on book by Tom Perrotta, wrapped up after three seasons, but it has been announced that HBO has decided to pick up another one of Perrotta’s, the New York Times Bestselling Mrs. Fletcher.   


The book is about a recently divorced woman named Eve Fletcher, sho experiences a midlife crisis after she drops her only son Brendan to college. Having more time to spend with herself leads her to become engrossed in things she’s never had time for before, for example, porn and social media. Emmy-nominee Kathryn Hahn (Transparent) will be playing the lead role as Eve Fletcher. The series is collaborative works along tons of women attached the project through acting, producing and directing, I’m sure it will a hit series.



Image via Chicago Tribune


Executive producers include Tom Perrotta himself, Jessi Klein and Sarah Condon. Nicole Holofcener will be directing the show.  The co-stars include Jackson White as Brendan, Eve’s son, a popular high school jock; Casey Wilson (Happy Endings) as Eve’s reliable closest friend Jane; Owen Teague (IT) as Brendan’s dorky high school classmate Julian; and Jen Richards as Margo, a transgender woman who teaches a creative writing class Eve attends at community college.


I’m hoping this half-hour show will have us laughing! The pilot has already been shot, and I can’t wait to know when the series will officially be released.


Feature Image Via joblo.com