Kor Adana sits in front of a poster for Mr. Robot, smiling.
Kor Adana, writer of Mr Robot. Image Via The Verge.

‘Mr. Robot’ Writer Tapped for Adaptation of ‘To Offer Compassion’

The cover of 'To Offer Compassion' Doris Andrea Dirks
Image Via Deadline


The book To Offer Compassion: A History of the Clergy Consultation, co-authored by Doris Andrea Dirks and Patricia A. Relf has been tapped to receive a big screen adaptation by Storyboard Entertainment. The book tells the true story of a group of ministers and rabbis forming the Clergy Consultation Service on Abortion (CSS) for the purpose of offering consulting services to women with unwanted pregnancies, including referring them to licensed physicians to perform abortions. The book offered a compelling on the largely forgotten movement, drawing from interviews from the CCS’s participants and official documents.

Kor Adana, co-producer and writer of Mr. Robot, has been brought on to help adapt this unique story into a feature film. According to this article from Deadline, Kor Adana feels a sense of ‘urgency’ to tell this story and showcase ‘how compassion can make real change.’ Considering his well-known commitment to realism for Mr. Robot‘s hacking technology, Kor Adana seems the right man to tackle this project.

To Offer Compassion will be out in paperback this summer, with no set release for the feature film adaptation. Pick up a copy for yourself and see this unique story unfold on the page while gearing up for the eventual adaptation!


Featured Image Via The Verge