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Move Over Rupi Kaur, This Poetry Book Based on Vine Is Really Where It’s At

If you’re into social media, you probably remember Vine, a video sharing platform where users published humorous six second videos. Though Vine is now dead, it was extremely popular for a while, and fans still remember how amazing it was.


Two of those fans are college students Emily Beck and Adam Gasiewski. The couple were in Barnes & Noble when they came across milk and honey, an poetry book written and self published by Rupi Kaur. Amazingly, the book was picked up by a publisher and has become immensely popular, selling over a million copies. As an added bonus, the book was on The New York Times bestseller list for fifty two weeks.


Emily and Adam were inspired by the book of poetry and decided to write their own. Adam, the writer, handled the writing and format, while Emily, the artist, did the illustrations. Like Kaur, they chose to self publish. The name of their poetry book is milk and vine. The reason? Because Emily and Adam based their poems on some of the most famous Vines. 


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Adam told BuzzFeed News that he and Emily, “watched several hours of Vine compilations to find our favorite videos, and then used those scripts to form our book.”


After self publishing the book, Adam took a photo with a copy sitting in the fridge (the book is called milk and vine after all). He put that picture with several others featurinng some of the poems from the book and posted it on Twitter. It didn’t take long for the tweet to go viral, with 50,000 retweets.


Emily and Adam realized they were onto something when they noticed tweets inquiring about purchasing milk and vine. The couple was blown away by the fact that people were buying copies of their book, with some purchasing multiple copies. Adam declared, “the response has been beyond anything we could’ve imagined.”


Thousands of copies of milk and vine have been sold, and just recently Emily and Adam found out their book was ranked #1 on Amazon’s bestseller list (just above The Getaway, a Diary of a Wimpy Kid book) and the #1 new release on Amazon’s American Literature list. Adam had this to say on Twitter when he and Emily heard the news:


Adam's tweet after he found out milk and vine was number one

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Emily and Adam loved Vine when it was big, and their love didn’t fade when it died. That’s the whole reason, Adam says, they wrote the book.


We’re just trying to get this book into the hands of as many people as possible, to preserve the culture that Vine fostered.


The bottom line is, these amazing students took their love and passion of social media and an idea, and ran with it. They were courageous, and it took them on a journey they never expected, with a best selling book to their name. Now if only I could self publish a book as successfully as Emily and Adam did, maybe I wouldn’t be so jealous of two college freshmen. 


You can get your copy of milk and vine here


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