Move Over Millennial Pink, Bold Type Has Taken Over Book Covers

2017 was definitely the year of the pink book, with Sweetbitter, The Idiot, One Day This Will Matter being prime examples of the cover trend. 2018, however has brought on bolder and brighter trends by introducing heavy typography on darker or neutral backgrounds. Some of the fonts are thinner or thicker with variants in background color, but the trend still remains. Big, bold fonts are here to stay. 



Image Via Dream by Day


Simple typography like those featured on the covers look good against a simple background. The simplicity of the fonts indicates an importance and coolness. The trend also signifies a change in the way literature written by women or with a female target audience is perceived. 


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Previously, books written by and for women were often laced with loopy font and pictures of a woman’s profile, two women walking into an unknown distance, or just a woman’s body with no head. 


The trend began to pick up in late 2017, but has since become a full-blown literary craze on covers.


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All signs point to the 2015 Lauren Groff novel Fates and Furies. I remember seeing this cover when it first came out and always being drawn to it when browsing the bookshelves.


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Image Via Rosemary and Reading Glasses


The success of that first cover has completely changed for the rest of Groff’s novels were redesigned in 2016. 


Featured Image Via Symone Books.