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Move Over John, Hank Green Is Publishing a Book!

Vlogbrothers co-host and budding entrepreneur Hank Green is adding another title to his resume, having announced today that his first book, An Absolutely Remarkable Thing will be published next year! 





According to the NYT, Green’s book is about an NYC art student named April May who falls into online stardom after she films a video of herself standing beside a gigantic robot sculpture in Manhattan. Her video goes viral when similar sculptures pop up across the country leading to speculation concerning the meaning and significance of the artworks. The subsequent events explore the tribulations of internet fame and the impact on the person embroiled with it, issues which Green knows all too well.


“In a lot of ways it comes from a lot of my personal experience with how success feels,” he said. “There’s the very weird feeling of being bigger in people’s heads than you feel you are.”


Though Green isn’t recognized for being an author, he has found fame elsewhere. Many readers are already familiar with Green who is the younger brother of The Fault in Our Stars author John Green. The two created the incredibly popular YouTube channel Vlogbrothers, which has amassed more than three million subscribers, and have collaborated on many other projects together.


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Hank has brought his witty and intelligent presence to many of John’s appearances and is slated to accompany him on his upcoming book tour for Turtles All The Way Down this fall. Hank is also the co-creator of VidCon, the enormously popular conference that all your favorite YouTubers have attended, and has founded endless other impressive projects.


Though he has spoiled fans with his open presence, there’s a lot more to him that fans don’t always see. His book will let readers in a little bit more, he says.


“Every character in the book is a different version of me,” he said.


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An Absolutely Remarkable Thing will be published by Dutton in fall of 2018 as part of a two book deal. That’s even better news for fans as it will guarantee that Green will publish a second novel soon!


We can’t wait!


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