Angelina Jolie

Move Over Dumbo, Angelina Jolie to Voice New Disney Elephant

Angelina Jolie’s been in the news recently as one of Harvey Weinstein’s many sexual assault victims. However, the latest news about her is much more innocent and joyful.


The actress and humanitarian will be voicing an elephant named Stella, who befriends silverback gorilla Ivan in Disney’s The One and Only Ivan. Does life get any more precious?


'The One and Only Ivan'

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The story originated from Katherine Applegate’s children’s book of the same name and, I’ve got to say, I already want to cry like a big baby. It follows the story of Stella and Ivan being kept in the same cage at the Big Top Mall. Soon enough, their bond begins to grow despite their different views on life, humans, and the places they both came from.


Angelina Jolie

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I don’t want to give a lot away, but what I can say is it will open your eyes. The way Stella and Ivan teach each other how to live and enjoy the little things is beautiful. It’s not just about little animals being friends; it’s about the way animals should be treated. The characters show us how someone else can open our eyes to a way of life we’ve never known and we can still change for the better.


If you want to have an emotionally draining, but lovely experience, keep an eye out for this movie. And if you have a little kid in your life, buy them the book here! I will now go ponder life and Mother Nature in a fetal position. 




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