Albert Einstein

Move Over, Albert. There’s a New Einstein in Town

Author James Patterson has teamed up with the Albert Einstein Archives to create a new book series for middle schoolers. The three-book series will tell the story of girl genius Max Einstein, and you know how we feel about a strong female character, so we’re hyped for this book. 


Max and her friends, who just happen to be some of the world’s smartest kids, will travel the world to solve humanity’s biggest problems using science. Max bears all the character traits one would expect: inventive, irreverent, highly imaginative, and loves to solve problems in fun, unconventional ways. 


“These books are the most important work I’ve ever done – they’re an accessible, fun way to engage in an adventure that weaves science, technology, and history for kids, particularly girls, who are too often dissuaded from pursuing their interest in science,” Patterson said. “Max is a heroine for the modern age, and I’m honored to have been selected by the Einstein Archives to bring her story to young readers everywhere.”


The series will be licensed by the Albert Einstein Archives and bear its official seal, an honor no other children’s book or series can claim. The launch of the book series will coincide with a nation-wide school science fair and a portion of the book’s proceeds will go towards education and initiatives that promote reading. 


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Via Tumblr 


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