Mom Turns Sons Scratch into Harry Potter Scar and Its Adorable

When four-year-old Ayden Benesh cut his forehead, giving rise to a small gash, he refused to go to school the next day. Too embarrassed of the scratch, one he received doing devilish jumps from an epic pile of laundry, he instead confined himself to his home to wallow and sulk in self-consciousness.

Enter Brittaney, awesome mom with the cutest idea ever.



Taking up a Crayola crayon, mom transformed Ayden from ‘boy who jumped from laundry pile’, to the boy who lived. With a quick swipe above and below the gash (and some Potter style spectacles to complete the look) he was suddenly endowed with a badass literary identity that could make any kid forget his embarrassment.

After all, what’s a tiny scar when you’ve got horcruxes to destroy and a dark lord to decimate?



Although Brittaney got some heat from the media, and many called the act an exploitative ploy for attention, we have to side with Brittaney on this one. Respoding to comments, Benesh fired back “He loves to dress up and already had the round glasses for the days he wants to dress up as Spengler from Ghostbusters. Good lord, wait until you have kids. Those of you who are parents, let them get a little dirty, let them have a little fun.”


Images courtesy of Mashable.