Modern Reads for Fans of the Brontës

From our friends at BookSparks

Raise your hand if you hold a soft and tender literary spot for the Brontë sisters. Our hands are way up high, which is why we handpicked five modern reading escapes even Emily herself couldn’t help but devour. From mesmerizing love stories to women finding themselves in the modern historical landscapes, be sure to add these to your spring reading list immediately. 

The Madwoman Upstairs by Catherine Lowell 


Easily the fiercest modern ode to the Brontë sisters in recent literary decades, The Madwoman Upstairs is the extraordinary and hopelessly addictive reading experience you’ll consume in one sitting. This debut novel centers around the last remaining relative of the Brontë family as she adventures through a real-life scavenger hunt to uncover the shocking truth surrounding the family’s legacy. Richly entertaining from the first word to the last, we will surely reread this stunning story ad nauseam this summer.  


The Lost Art of Letter Writing by Menna van Praag 


When Clara Cohen discovers a stash of wartime love letters she embarks on a journey to deliver them to their rightful owner — but accidentally turns her own life around along the way. A staggering literary feat on a woman finding herself in the most unexpected of places, we can see Charlotte Brontë nominating this enchanting story as her go-to beach read this year. 


Everyone Brave is Forgiven by Chris Cleave 

A sweeping epic love story with a stunning historical twist —  do we have any Brontë-loving takers? Set in London during the harrowing years of World War II, Everyone Brave is Forgiven explores the entangled lives of three unforgettable characters (spies included) and flawlessly celebrates the power of a passionate love in the face of inescapable violence.


Don’t Stop Me Now by Colleen Coleman 

The soul of nearly every Brontë novel was an unforgettable heroine finding herself (one way or another) despite the world being against her. Meet Poppy Bloom — the PhD graduate who planned on landing a star professor job upon graduation but instead found herself unemployed and re-plotting life from her childhood bedroom. An uproariously charming tale on a woman who never ever gives up, Don’t Stop Me Now will leave every lady reader empowered to climb even higher.  


Sour Heart by Jenny Zhang 

What’s better than one story about women holding on to their dreams despite heartbreak and adversity? A whole collection of them that happens to be a product on Lena Dunham’s new imprint. Let’s face it, if a modern Brontë sister were to exist it would indubitably be feminist trailblazer Dunham, and we couldn’t thank her enough for bringing Zhang’s writing magic to the masses. 


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