MLK’s Dream Continues to Grow in Granddaughter’s New Children’s Book

MLK’s only granddaughter published a book, determined to keep sharing the beliefs of her ancestors!

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Yolanda Renee King next to her new book.

In honor of her grandfather, activist Yolanda Renee King published her first book right before his 95th birthday, continuing to spread the message of Martin Luther King Jr. We Dream A World: Carrying the Light from My Grandparents is an illustrated kid’s book that inspires children, honors King’s grandparents and is a proclamation of the 15-year-olds own voice.

For those who don’t know, the poem I Dream A World by Langston Hughes inspired King’s speech, I Have A Dream. Everyone knows how infamous MLK’s speech is and when creating her book, King took both the speech and poem into consideration, using them as a foundation for her own work. According to theGrio, King wanted to produce an updated, modern version of what her grandfather and ancestors created. She feels this new version will be more appealing and easier to understand for the kids of her generation and younger.

we dream a world by yolanda renee king book cover young girl holding picture of two people with the washington monument and a rainbow to her right

The book starts with her appreciation for her grandparents, MLK and Coretta Scott King, and all the work they did to spread their beliefs of equality and acceptance. After that, the 15-year-old takes charge, saying she will do her best to continue her grandfather’s work, as well as the many others who shared a similar view.

Partnering with Scholastic Books, the young activist is now able to add “author” to her resume! If you were wondering, the book is also available in an audio version as well. As for what’s next for Yolanda Renee King, well I’m definitely excited to find out!

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