Miss Peregrine Does Not Stay Faithful to the Book

Gaby recently watched Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and read the first 150 pages of the book by Ransom Riggs. Adam unfortunately did not read at all, so Gaby carried the podcast all the way through. In this episode of the podcast, Adam asks Gaby about the differences she noticed in the book and the movie, and what she thought about the peculiar children in general. 

The first thing Gaby noticed was that they switched Emma’s abilities with Olivia’s. Instead of being able to use fire, she floats. This is an odd choice, but when both Gaby and Adam finish the book they may have better insight to judge this decision. This, along with Miss Peregrine’s youth, and the older age of the peculiar children, has fans flummoxed

Gaby also talked about how she liked the idea of super human powers being more realistic. Super strength, the ability to fly, and laser vision are outplayed cliché. Super powers are more likely to make us weird instead of godlike. What do you think? Check back next week for the complete book review!

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