Millennials Can’t Even With Your Terrible Grammar

They’re the generation of texting, social media, and a thousand acronyms and neologisms – and they’re judging your grammar.

According to a poll conducted by Harris for, Americans ages 18 to 34 are more annoyed by grammar mistakes than any other generation. A whopping 74% of Millennials surveyed reported being annoyed by spelling and grammar errors on social media, which is the highest rate reported by any of the age groups designated by the survey.

Of course, Millennials aren’t alone in their grammar gripes. Out of the 2,052 people surveyed, plenty had issues with how their peers communicate. 59% said that grammar errors (rather than spelling mistakes) were the biggest source of annoyance. Women reported finding grammar mistakes in others’ writing more often than men did (75% of women claimed they found mistakes, compared to 66% of men.) Additionally, an incredible 46% of respondents specifically called out the confusion between there, their, and they’re as a common and infuriating mistake.

You can check out the full AP report on the survey here, and remember: next time you text a Millennial, try to use proper grammar and spelling.

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