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Microfiction Mondays: Read Short Stories via Serial Box’s Notifications

Every morning, we open our still-sleepy eyes, turn aside, and reach out to our phone-as-alarm. Stop. Stop. Stop. After closing all the shouting alarms sets, we always check out the notifications piled up all night. 


This is a routine for every modern person. Notifications full of messages, news, and emails.


Now, there can be a small variation happening in the repetition. According to SERIAL BOX , you can turn your phone into a snapread of short stories as long as you have their app Serial Box Publishing. Beginning July 9th, the app with its newly launched program-Microfiction Mondays-will send a 150-character-or less story to your phones via notification function.




The left story is by Brian Francis Slattery; the right Brenda Clough | Image via SERIAL BOX


The short stories comes from a group of talented authors/writers embroidered with Hugo, World Science Fiction, and Nebula Award-winning and -nominated sparkles.


The official blog said:


The perfect bite-sized story for a busy afternoon filled with meetings, we hope these will provide a moment of fictional solace for our Serial Boxers. This is one more step in the world of pushing the boundaries and limitations of technology and social to expand on the written word and storytelling, and we are excited to bring you something fresh.


It sounds really interesting and I’m downloading the app lol. Oh, one thing you, bookstrs, need to know is that, if you swipe the story-in-the-notification out, it will never come back again.



Check out the clip below and explore more functions in the app:




Image via Serial Box


Featured Image via SERIAL BOX