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Michelle Obama’s New Memoir Talks Truth, Trials and Trump

Michelle Obama was one of the most influential, open-minded, and quite possibly the strongest First Lady ever. Even after her time in the White House, this juggernaut of justice has continued to inspire and help the American people and many more audiences around the world. Michelle Obama refuses to back down and always chooses to stick to the truth. It’s no wonder than, that her new memoir is emotionally revealing, defiant, brave, and challenging.




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Becoming has already received critical praise from a wide array of readers. The memoir, although still not available until next Tuesday the 13th, goes over many aspects of her life: from her marriage to Barack, to her time in the White House, and even her criticisms and critiques of the current president and his actions in and towards the media. True, as her newest book, Obama refuses to pull punches; the author has made sure that her voice continues to be heard as well as delivers the message to readers that they also have the power to be heard and recognized.


So far, besides the almost instant fame and positive reviews, Michelle Obama’s new memoir has come under minor controversy due to her stance and opprobrium directed at President Trump. Obama brings up many points on her beliefs of the current President and his cabinet; many of which are harsh criticisms or even thorough questioning and condemnation of his acts during and after the 2016 election campaign. 




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From citing the infamous Access Hollywood tapes of 2005 to observing Trump’s actions during debates and interviews, Obama decries his actions as sexist. However, past all of the usual “Trump-controversies” found in books of the same field or genre, Obama gives us a very personal inside look at not only her political life, but her marriage and relationships. 


From citing her time in marriage counseling with Barack to discussing how she came to be able to find herself once again through her own tough times and loneliness, Michelle’s memoir will find you feeling close to the former First Lady. If you ever thought that Obama was indestructible, this book will make you applaud her even more for her relatability and humanity. 



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