'American Assassin'

Michael Keaton and Dylan O’Brien’s ‘American Assassin’ Kicks Ass and Takes Names

Action fiends, hang onto your socks.


American Assassin is coming to theaters tomorrow and the trailer is enough to make us hold our breaths.


Based on The New York Times sest selling book of the same name, this is a non-stop quest for vengeance, power, and fighting for what you’ve lost. Author Vince Flynn passed away three years ago, but his books are still capturing readers with their suspense and commanding plots.


'American Assassin'

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The book and film follow 23-year-old Mitch Rapp (Dylan O’Brien), whose devastating loss of loved ones leads him to live for one thing and one thing only: revenge. After enlisting in the CIA for black ops, he’s taken under the wing of Cold War veteran Steven Hurley (Michael Keaton). The two train, fight, and work together to investigate a spike in terrorism targeted at civilians. Patterns begin to appear, revealing a deadly agent ready to wreak havoc on innocents everywhere.



Check out the trailer and see for yourselves. With Keaton as the vet and O’Brian as the rookie, we can take away one thing from these two characters: never, ever let it get personal. To those Dylan O’Brien fans out there, add this to your list.



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