Word of the Year 2017

Merriam-Webster Has Revealed Their 2017 Word of the Year

January is coming, which signals the closing of one year and the start of another. And boy, what a crazy year it has been. Naturally, we’ve taken the good with the bad, but we’ve also taken the unexpected. Merriam-Webster Dictionary has found the perfect word to capture the year.


According to the L.A. Times, Merriam-Webster chose “feminism” to be their word of the year for 2017. The rise of this word was brought on by the Women’s March in January, along with the tidal wave of sexual assault allegations that have created a surge of power for women.


Women March

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When you Google ‘feminism’ you get: the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes. However, Merriam-Webster has seen a spike of searches on that word, a 70% spike to be specific. An editor from the dictionary explains their process of deciding:


No one word can ever encapsulate all the news, events or stories of a given year. But when we look back at the past twelve months and combine an analysis of words that have been looked up much more frequently than during the previous year along with instances of intense spikes of interest because of news events, we see that one word stands out in both categories.


Wonder Woman

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Plus, with a rise in female TV shows and movie characters, I’m pretty sure pop culture helped bring feminism to a new height.

Dictionary.com recently named ‘complicit’ as their word of the year, but Merriam-Webster had a few other top contenders. “Dotard” (an elderly person who’s slightly senile), “syzygy” (an alignment or opposition of planets), and “gyro” (yes, the Greek sandwich) are some of the runner ups. Total solar eclipse anyone? Some of the others were “recuse,” “gaffe,” “federalism,” “empathy,” and “hurricane.”


I know it’s been a wild year and I have no idea what 2018 will bring, but I will say this: good choice, Merriam-Webster.


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