Merriam-Webster Dictionary Adds 1,000 Words

Believe it or not, the English language is not static. It continues to grow every year as more words are integrated into society and definitions of different words evolve due to cultural factors. On Tuesday, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary database added 1,000 words and definitions, according to Entertainment Weekly. Some of these words/expressions have become commonplace – ‘SCOTUS’ and ‘safe space’ are two examples. Others are still trying to catch on; ‘snollygoster’ is “a shrewd, unprincipled person.”

The people at Merriam-Webster have also added a larger visual component to go along with some of the new words. They teamed up with GIPHY, a GIF search engine, to incorporate moving images online with some of the words.

Their best example is the newly accepted utilization of ‘ghost’ as a verb.

Other highlights from the dictionary additions include ‘binge-watch,’ ‘microaggression,’ and ‘throw shade.’

If you’re a logophile, you’ll ‘geek out’ over the new dictionary words. Who knows what words will make the dictionary in the future!



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