Men Read Too

First and foremost we must pay credit to this New York Times article that shed light on this subject and did some serious in-depth reporting in the trenches of these manly book clubs. Something we hear about alot from our readers is that men aren’t appropriately covered when it comes to reading. This makes sense, according to PEW Research Center women are twice as likely as men to join a reading group. 

The study also found that 11% of Americans were in some sort of book discussion group. So that leaves us with still a fairly large portion of the male population needing a reading outlet of some kind. Although, we have some things up our sleeve in the near future to help the male and female reader with book discussions online, for now (and always) we are excited to hear about these new male book clubs. We encourage our male friends (and female) to create a book club of their own if they haven’t already. 🙂 Keep us posted. 

 (Image courtesy of Carlos Chavarría for The New York Times, of The Man Book Club, in Marin County, Calif.)