Melisandre Could Save the Day According to ‘Game of Thrones’ Fan Theory

Leave it to the Game of Thrones subreddit to predict what’s going on in the Game of Thrones writers’ room. A theory thrown out there by redditor Dr_Tibbles (Ph.D. from Oxford University or so I’ve heard) suggests that Melisandre may save Daenerys in the end.


Dr_Tibbles says:


Is Melisandre going to Volantis to get the Fiery Hand? She told Varys last episode that she is heading to Volantis and also that she is going to die in Westeros. So she is obviously planning on returning from Volantis and I’m guessing it will be to bring a small army back with her. From one of Tyrion’s chapters in ADWD he travels to Volantis and sees the temple of R’hllor that is guarded by the Fiery Hand. We’re told that the Fiery Hand are the slave soldiers for R’hllor and number 1,000 never more never less. Melisandre, and other red priests, believe that Dany (and/or Jon) is the PTWP. I’m guessing the Temple of R’hllor would be ok with lending their soldiers to the PTWP. They could be used as a surprise addition at a very fortunate moment (like Aragorn with the army of the dead in Return of the King), especially after the huge blows she’s taken these last couple of episodes.


A brief index: R’hllor is the much-discussed Lord of Light; PTWP means “prince that was promised”; and Return of the King is the greatest movie ever made.


Melisandre was pretty low key last season, but, if this theory comes to pass, then she may be one of the most important characters in the series’ climax. Although she might save Daenerys from the jaws of death, she’s also destined to die in Westeros. The only question is whether or not fans will witness the fall of everyone’s favorite old-woman-disguised-as-Carice-van-Houten.




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