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Melania Trump Gets Thrashed With ‘Read a Book Day’ Tweets

Yesterday morning, the First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump, took to Twitter to celebrate a day every book-lover lives for!


‘Read A Book Day’ is celebrated on September 6th every year and encourages us all to grab a book, find a peaceful spot, and read the day away. The experience should be a shared one, so why not tell more people about it? Well, that’s exactly what Melania thought when she tweeted this message to all her followers.



FLOTUS only wanted to share her thoughts and shed light on a day that is universal for everyone! However, her and the rest of Twitter were obviously not on the same page. People became ruthless, recommending reads like Divorce for Dummies and American Grown, Michelle Obama’s book. People even suggested books on climate change for the President’s wife.


Those were only a few of the non-stop tweets that came at Melania like a hailstorm. Check here for more of Twitter lashing out at FLOTUS.


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