Meet the Woman Who is Changing Sci-Fi

When Ashley Eckstein looked for a Star Wars shirt at a fan convention, she didn’t find anything in a woman’s size. But she did find her calling, and soon started a sci-fi merchandizing business targeting women. Now that company, Her Universe, is expanding into the publishing business.

The move targets a growing female sci-fi and fantasy fan base, though Eckstein is reluctant to call the feminine influx a trend. “Liking Star Wars is not a trend; it’s part of who you are,” she told The New York Times. Eckstein got the idea to expand into publishing after receiving countless unsolicited manuscripts at fan conventions.

The New York Times profiled Eckstein in its Sunday edition, covering the story of her upstart merchandising company and the birth of her new publishing imprint, which is being launched with the help of zombie and post-apocalyptic publisher Permuted Press. Check out the full profile on The New York Times’ website – the whole article is a great read.


Main image: Jacob Langston/The New York Times