Guinea Pigs

Meet the Guinea Pigs Who Took on Literature’s Legendary Works

Romeo and Juliet, Pride and Prejudice, and The Nativity are some of the greatest and most prominent stories our world has ever known. They are also just some of the works that have been taken on by a fleet of adorable guinea pigs with little pink hands and wispy fur.


Guinea Pigs

Oh my goodness gracious. / Image Via Tess Newall 

If you can believe it, A Guinea Pig Romeo & Juliet  is selling on Amazon better than the original version. Bloomsbury, publisher and home of Harry Potter, has stated that about 800 copies of the work have sold every week since it was released in October! According to The Guardian, it’s topping lists on Amazon UK, and the people want more.


Oscar, Bear, Mabel, Marlin, Hollie, and Molly became the designated storytellers by Bloomsbury’s editor Xa Shaw Stewart and sales team member Pauline Pidsley. Shaw Stewart describes it as a whim, yet a team effort.


It was such a strange idea that people didn’t really take it seriously – the designer dropped out after the first meeting, thinking it was too weird. And the other editor and I looked at each other – one of us had a diploma in set design, the other was very enthusiastic. So between us we handmade the backgrounds and the costumes, and shot it in my home.


One of the pigs has passed away since their first original work of A Guinea Pig Nativity, but 80,000 copies sold, which pushed the team to create four more versions of classic stories, including A Guinea Pig Oliver Twist (Guinea Pig Classics) and A Guinea Pig Pride & Prejudice (Guinea Pig Classics).
Salman Rushdie even called it ‘the definitive version of Pride and Prejudice‘, and he’s really not wrong.


Guinea Pigs

STOP IT RIGHT NOW. / Image Via Booktopia


Guinea pigs are naturally social animals who love company from their fellow furry friends as well as humans. So when the two creators get together, they use cucumbers and parsley to make them happily purr. Some even got used to the camera click and flash, like pint-sized divas! Despite the guinea pigs not being professionals, Shaw Stewart found ways around it. If hats or crowns are involved they are usually held above their head and placed quickly right when the shot is taken. Or they give the little blueberries as treats, since they’re only eaten on rare occasions.


Guinea Pig

I actually cannot handle the cuteness. / Image Via Book Depository


The owners come to handle them and dress them on the set, which is usually done in a studio or Shaw Stewart’s house, but everyone enjoys gathering together for it. “At the shoots, the guinea pig owners show up and we drink masses of tea, eat cake, admire all the guinea pigs.”


Shaw Stewart describes the combination of legendary text and cute pets as “magical.” Will they be her literary legacy? “Not everyone edits Shakespeare and the Bible,” she says. We do have to agree with that one.


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