Meet the Four-Year-Old Bookworm Who Read 100 Books in One Weekend!

So what did you do last weekend? Maybe you went out with your friends, had a family event, did some laundry, cooked a nice meal…but did you read 100 books? Now, I could be wrong, but my first guess will be that you most likely did not. It’s okay. Admission is the first step. I did not either.



Caleb Green | Image Via The Grapevine


However, if 100 books in a weekend is your goal, you should be paying attention to Caleb Green. He’s the four-year-old Chicago bookworm who read 100 books. His parents livestreamed it on their Facebook page!



 Image Via WWAY


Some of his favorite books have to do with ninjas, turtles, and dogs. An excellent array of choices, I’d say. I have a similar taste in things. All his books were stacked neatly on the floor with his dad nearby if he had any trouble. “I like to read and I want to read some more like my sister,” Caleb said in his Facebook video.





Speaking to The Grapevine, his father explained his hesitance about his son’s ambitious goal. “That’s a lot of books. So at first I had the gut reaction to talk him down a little bit, but he was like, ‘No, I want to read 100.’” Caleb did exactly that in three hours, with the help of a family friend who dropped off more books when he didn’t have enough. Well, ain’t it sweet. He even did silly dances with his sister every time he finished a stack of books!


By achieving this goal, Caleb was not only able to get some reading done, but he inspired his dad as well. “I learned to just dream bigger, and I am going to set unrealistic goals for myself this coming year, and I’m going to be inspired by Caleb to not quit on him and just push through it.”


Caleb said he wants to be an astronaut and a ninja turtle by the time he’s twenty-three. You know what? I believe he will.
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