Disney Cosplay

Meet The Cosplay Prince You’ve Always Wanted!

For some reason, I get extremely excited seeing people cosplay their favorite characters.


Is it the effort it takes? The feeling as though that character is right there in front of you? Is it just the simple idea of dressing up? Well, probably all of those things, and this cosplayer has recently put in the effort, skill, and realistic effect for his one-week cosplay challenge… For Disney Princes. Cue the joy.


Miami native J. Stryker has recently released his seven-character cosplay of all our favorite Princes and from the makeup details to the perfect costumes, and overwhelming nostalgia is starting to takeover. Have a look at some yourself…




Dang Hercules, that roman nose though. / Image Via J Stryker


Prince Eric

Nice. Prince Eric anyone? / Image Via J Stryker



Tarzan… Oh I see! / Image Via J Stryker



Simba! What a mane. / Image Via J Stryker


By the looks of these pics, we know this cosplayer does not joke around. And now we can live happily and pretend we just saw princes brought to life. Thank you, J Stryker, can’t wait for more!



Feature Image Via J Stryker and Digital Spy