Step one: Be obsessed with books

Meet the Bookstagrammer Who’s Read Over 200 Books in a Year

If you’re a book loving, internet explorer, you may have come across Paper Fury, a blog run by a dedicated and ferocious reader. The woman behind the site, Cait, is a jack of all trades in the literary sense. She’s an excellent book reviewer who takes gorgeous pictures of books. She’s even got her own Etsy store, Paper Fury Ink with handmaid origami art. We talked to the genius behind these gorgeous photos and witty tweets about the life of a bookworm, and uncovered what it takes to be a bookish internet sensation.

Step one: Be obsessed with books

Safe to say, the Paper Fury is not furious at all, but rather calm and passionate about her work. And books, of course.


Question: So, what exactly do you do? You have a website, a blog, a huge twitter and Instagram following, and review books! Tell us about your work:


Hi! Thanks for having me! I’m definitely a rabid book enthusiast and I never go anywhere without a book. My ultimate goal with my work online is just to spread book appreciation, whether with book photography or tweeting comedic quips about the bookworm life. Books make everything better!


Question: How did you get started?


I started blogging 6 years ago because my older sister told me to. And you know how it is with older sisters…you do what you’re told. Then I started sneaking off with the family camera to take photos of my precious books and thus my #bookstagram account was born. Because why take photos of people when there are books to appreciate, am I right?! I have my priorities.


Question: Do you work alone? Where do you draw inspiration for your photography and blog posts?


I do work alone, which is why it’s rumored that I’m also Batman. (Can neither confirm nor deny.) My inspiration for photos just comes from trying to squeeze as much vibrant colors in the frame as possible. I know they say “less is more” but really…when it comes to books, more is best. My blog post topics grow out of the books I read and I end up writing lists of #bookwormproblems and recommending my favorite books with photo-filled reviews.


Question: What is your favorite part of what you do? The photography? The writing? The reading?


Definitely the reading! There’s nothing like falling into a magical world with dragons or ghosts or wizards or enchanted cupcakes. I love that there’s no limit to imagination and reading confirms that!

Paper fury photography

Question: I see you have a 2017 reading challenge that is quite ambitious! Tell us about it:


I’m a fast reader! I’ve reached 200+ books per year since 2015, so it’s become habit to aim for that. If authors and publishers just, well, paused in releasing all these fantastic books (with drool-worthy covers that make my photographer’s heart flutter faster) then maybe I wouldn’t have to read so much. But I’m terrified of missing out on an exceptional tale. So ambitious reading goals it is!


Question: How do you fit so much reading into your life?


I confess I’m a bit of an insomniac! So I read mostly at night. Then audiobooks make boring everyday jobs 50 x more exciting and I’ve heard if you tuck books under your pillow at night you can absorb them while sleeping. I’m sure this will work out.


Question: Do you have any tips for people who want to start a blog, or have a blog and want to get more attention?


Be friendly! You can create the best content ever, but if no one knows you exist, how are they going to see it?! My blog really took off when I started supporting other bloggers and artists. Also: be yourself. Find your unique voice and angle and perspective and be unapologetically you. It’s also taken me, obviously, 6 years to build my audience to where it is now, so I’d lastly say: don’t quit! If you make good art and tell people about it, they’ll listen!


Question: What is your favorite book of all time? (You can give us a few, since picking one is so hard)


I always answer this question with: Every Maggie Stiefvater book ever! The Scorpio Races was one of the first books I reviewed online and if you peer closely at my #bookstagram feed, you’ll see a The Raven Cycle sneaking into every other photo. I just can’t get enough of Stiefvater’s lyrical prose, her complex characters, and the uniqueness of her stories about wild horses from the sea, small towns of magic, ancient kings, and boys who are book-loving wolves.


A special thank you to Cait Drews, aka Paper Fury, for answering all our questions with honesty and grace! Oh, and for all those gorgeous photos.