Meet The Bookish 16-Year-Old Who Got Into 9 Law Schools

Haley Taylor Schlitz, who reads for work and play, graduated high school when she was thirteen and will begin law school in the fall.

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The secret to success lies in reading the things you love, according to a superstar academic prodigy from Texas.

Sixteen-year-old Haley Taylor Schlitz’s parents pulled her out of school when she was in the fifth grade because she was not interested in or motivated by her coursework. This year, the teen was accepted to nine law schools, according to The Cut.

Schlitz sat down with The Cut to answer questions about the daily habits of a law school debutante.

There might not actually be such a thing as “free time” for someone who was graduating with honors from her university when other kids her age were just learning to drive, but Schlitz makes time management look like a breeze. When she isn’t catching up on some much-needed fiction, playing Fortnite, or doodling on her tablet, Schlitz is taking the calm, cool, and collected street to extreme academic preparedness with law books in hand.




She apparently spends much of this time poring over legal studies and survival guides to prepare her for the years ahead. “I guess I’m weird, but I really like the LSAT,” Schlitz said about an hours-long exam that prevents many prospective students from even considering a career in law.

Before she aced the LSAT, Schlitz said she even loved reading the exam workbooks and practice tests.

Schlitz says stress is inevitable, as it is for any student from any background, but one thing that helps her mitigate the pain is making lists, and prioritizing from there.

Schlitz, who graduated from high school at the age of thirteen, will begin her first year at Southern Methodist University’s Dedman School of Law in the fall. She wants to go into educational policy to ensure that students who are not accepted into accelerated or gifted programs, just as she wasn’t when she was younger, are still driven to chase their dreams.



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