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‘Me Before You’ Author Jojo Moyes Just Saved Quick Reads

Jojo Moyes recently donated enough money to save Quick Reads Initiative (UK), a collaboration between publishers that provides an adult literacy program, from shutting down. Quick Reads is aimed at adults with literacy issues and those who don’t read very often. It provides short books written by bestsellers and celebrities, hoping that these adults will find a new joy for reading. Having written a Quick Read herself and recently visited a women’s prison, Moyes says that she would be dismayed to watch a program that helps so many people achieve literacy simply fall by the wayside.


While Quick Reads is very excited and grateful for the lofty donation, Moyes does not want this to be looked at as a simple one man fix.


My aim is to give them a three-year window, so hopefully I can encourage other people to support them. My intention is to make publishers take a bigger role as well, because if we don’t feed the seedbed of reading then frankly we’re not going to have readers. It’s in their interest to have this scheme not just survive, but flourish. (Via The Guardian)


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Literacy programs like this are crucial. Being literate opens the door for so many critical things you need to survive. It can spark creativity, providing emotional outlets. It can bring families together through reading before bedtime. Literacy doesn’t just affect those who are struggling; it can be beneficial to entire communities.


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