Marvel’s Newest Villains Have Already Become Viral Memes

Marvel fans everywhere, rejoice! The villains of the upcoming Captain Marvel movie have finally been revealed. The Skrulls will be facing off against our heroine in a flashback movie debuting Brie Larson as the righteous Carol Danvers. Entertainment Weekly gives us our first visuals on the adaptation version of the Skrulls.




Image via Hypebeast


The Skrulls are one of many alien races within the Marvel universe. Their abilities vary depending on which specific type, but mostly they are able to shape-shift. With this being their signature ability, the Skrulls are able to deceive entire planets into trusting them; thus making them a highly powerful and organized civilization and species. They are mostly portrayed as antagonists throughout many Marvel comics.


However, due to the reveal photo, many fans are having trouble taking the Skrulls seriously. In fact, their debut has already become somewhat of a viral meme. Just check out some of these hillarious comparisons, and let us know what you think about the reveal!











Featured Image via CBR