Marvel’s Latest Comic Assigns Each State Their Own Avenger!

 Marvel Entertainment has just announced its latest comic book release, but there is a twist. The first issue, which will be released December 1st, will feature 50 different covers. That’s right, 50 different covers for a single comic book issue. Each cover will feature a different state and each state will have its own super hero!

 Image couretesy of Marvel Comics / Rod Reis

For example, Luke Cage will be the avenger for New York, Captain America for Delaware, and Iron Man for California. Comic books fans have been arguing in the Buzzfeed comment as to why Luke Cage got New York and not Spiderman. Chances are the upcoming Netflix show for Luke Cage had an effect on the decision making process

Only a few of the heroes have been announced for Marvel’s new series. If your state has not been mentioned you will have to wait until December to see which hero will be protecting your home. Which hero do you want representing your state?!


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