Marvel Reveals Plans for Falcon and the Winter Soldier Series

It seems like every week a number of different titles are being released or at least being rumored too, with the rumors either coming true shortly after they are put out, or changing into something else different entirely. And as it would seem that what is now being referenced as “the streaming wars” is ramping up, Marvel and Disney have just revealed new combatants for their side of the war.




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Marvel revealed plans recently on starting a series for the Scarlet Witch and Loki characters in the universe, but more recently confirmed suspicions that these two would not be the only ones receiving their own shows. It has only just dropped that Falcon and the Winter Soldier, two very important characters and allies of Captain America, will also be receiving their own series.




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This may  seem odd to many fans. While the addition of these new shows is definitely exciting news, there are some questions as to what the plethora of marvel spin-off series will truly be about, as well as the fact that some of our heroes have been killed during the Infinity War’s “snap” which killed half of Earth’s population as well as halving the roster of living Marvel heroes.


However, many theories support the fact that those who disintegrated into dust and “died” during the snap aren’t actually dead at all. For, the actual comic that the movie’s premise was based off of featured another dimension where the supposed “dead” characters are located. And this pocket dimension is said to be located inside the soul stone. This would mean that everyone considered dead will eventually be brought back to the normal world by the end of this cinema event. 




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Empire writer Malcolm Spellman will be writing the story for the series for the Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The actors for these heroes, Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan have wanted to work on their own solo project for a long time, so it sounds like they will be sticking to their parts, respectively.


What do you think of the new shows for Marvel’s roster? Are you excited, or do you feel like they may be over-saturating with all of these new additions?




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