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Marvel Celebrates Seven Oscar Nominations for ‘Black Panther’

Black Panther has been nominated for seven Oscars and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige is enjoying a well deserved celebration. The Marvel epic is even the first comic book movie to claim a Best Picture nomination in film history.


“I’m feeling a sense of pride and humility and immense gratitude,” Feige told NYTimes.


Feige also made sure to credit director Ryan Coogler’s efforts which the film’s success is built on. The Creed director delivered an epic that felt like a win for humanity and truly stands out in Marvel’s library.


“To me, the best thing a producer can do is find a person with something to say, who has a story to tell and can tell it in a way that the world responds to. That’s what Mr. Coogler has done for us.”



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The Best Picture nod is also accompanied by nominations for Best Costume Design, Best Sound Mixing, Best Sound Editing, Best Original Score, Best Production Design, and Best Original Song.


And for the detractors out there, if the quality of Black Panther isn’t enough to convince you of its nomination merits, do remember that The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King won the Oscar for Best Picture once upon a time. Let us keep an open mind, people.





Featured Image via Screen Rant