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Mark Twain’s Never Before Published Fairy Tale Is Coming to Your Shelves

This September, Random House will release Mark Twain’s never before published fairy tale titled The Purloining of Prince Oleomargarine.


According to Buzzfeed, this previously unfinished children’s tale has been completed by author Philip Stead and illustrator Erin Stead. Illustrated with soft water colors, vivid scenes of Twain’s imagined universe are depicted with unequal strokes to create a dreamlike bookish escape for children aged 8-12.


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It was 1897 in Paris when Mark Twain’s two daughters begged their father for a good story. Twain began to tell the story of Johnny. Although Twain continued to write down notes on the story every now and then, he never managed to complete it. 


Johnny is a forlorn boy with no company except a pet chicken. However, everything changes when he meets a kind woman who urges him to embark on a quest to save the Prince and then gives him some special seeds. With these magic seeds, Johnny gains the ability to communicate with animals. Together, the band adventures into the unknown and come to terms with their true potentials.


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This illustrated book will be available on September 27 and you can pre-order here.


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