Marie Lu’s ‘Warcross’ Set to Hit the Screen as a Television Series

‘Warcross,’ Marie Lu’s science fiction sensation is coming to the screen in the form of a television series. Bruna Papandrea’s Made up Stories and John Cameron have optioned for the adaptation, read to learn more!

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Warcross, the young science-fiction novel by Marie Lu, has been optioned in the form of a television series. Made Up Stories, Bruna Papandrea’s production company, as well as John Cameron and Endeavor Content will be collaborating on the production of the series, with Adam Lash and Cori Uchida set to write it. Executive producers of the series include Bruna Papandrea, John Cameron, Adam Lash, Cori Uchida, Steve Hutensky, Casey Haver, and Marie Lu.



Written in 2017, Marie Lu’s Warcross was a sensation as it threw readers into the adrenaline-rush world of hacking, which somehow also put the protagonist into a position of fame, fortune… and sleuthing? Papandrea described it perfectly when she said, “Marie’s action-packed novel is unlike any other I have read. From the virtual world of Warcross which feels like a real possibility with the advancement of technology, to the fiery heroine of Emika and the unexpected narrative twists, Warcross immersed me on such an engaging journey. This is going to be a very fun and visually dynamic show to create.”


Bruna Papandrea and John Cameron


Cameron also explained his experience with the novel by stating,

From the moment I started Marie’s inventive novel I was captivated by its high-adrenaline plot, its immersive world creation, and enthralled with its beguiling and complicated young heroine Emika Chen. At its heart, her story is a near-future romantic thriller, in both real and virtual worlds, and I couldn’t be more excited to help bring it to life onscreen.



Lu said on the subject,

As a massive fan of so many of the stories that Bruna Papandrea, Made Up Stories, and John Cameron have produced, I am delighted and deeply honored to have Warcross in their talented hands. They are masters of their craft in every way; every story they have brought to life has been done with exquisite care. I can’t wait to collaborate and see them work their magic on Emika, Hideo, and the world of Warcross.

After the success of Mr. Robot, the award-winning television series starring Rami Malek, it’s no doubt that audiences will love the thrill of this hacker story as well.