Marie Kondo Sets the Record Straight on Ditching Books

After suggesting that clients’ cluttered books be discarded on her Tidying Up Netflix series and sparking an internet-wide outrage, organizational guru Marie Kondo decided to set the record straight in an interview with Indiewire.


“The most important part of this process of tidying is to always think about what you have and about the discovery of your sense of value, what you value that is important. So it’s not so much what I personally think about books. The question you should be asking is what do you think about books. If the image of someone getting rid of books or having only a few books makes you angry, that should tell you how passionate you are about books, what’s clearly so important in your life.”


While Kondo explains in the best-selling The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up that she prefers to keep only thirty books at a time, she doesn’t necessarily impose this principle on anyone else. Her Netflix series instead emphasizes personal preference as she and her clients walk through the decluttering process together.


Kondo’s non-book hoarding mentality also stems from her cultural differences. She grew up in Japan, where the very humid climate damages books easily. She explains that the books themselves won’t even open because of it.



marie kondo and books

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“I do think there is a misunderstanding of the process, that I’m recommending that we throw away books in the trash or burn them or something,” she added. “I always recommend donating them, so if that’s part of the misunderstanding, then that’s certainly being mixed up.”


Good save. I guess you get a pass this time, Kondo.




Featured Image via Indiewire