Margaret Atwood Brings ‘Angel Catbird’ to CBC

Hearing Margaret Atwood talk about anything is a delight. The legendary author of The Handmaid’s Tale knows a whole lot more than fiction. You’re likely to find her sermonizing about a variety of topics in interviews, from ecology to the origins of language. 

Most recently, you can find her divulging more need-to-know info regarding her recent comic debut, Angel Catbirdwhich came out September 6th. 

It’s a long interview, but honestly, we recommend you skip to 8:04 for a riveting and energetic reading from Atwood herself. If you ever wanted to hear one of the most distinguished authors of the past 20 years say, “SCREEEE!” and “SWOOOP!” in total earnest, then this vid is for you:

Later in the interview, Atwood spoke further to the true cause of the book: a deep commitment to bird conservation, as well as cat safety. 

The interviewer also posited the concept of an Angel Catbird suit, which Atwood had clearly already considered. 


Featured image courtesy of CBC