Many Fictional Faces of World War II

We really got into a wave of World War II books recently and after reading the harrowing stories contained in A Train in Winter one really need a bit of the distance and a less graphic take on this subject. Next to Love penned by a Ellen Feldman carries a lot of credibility since she has written about the world War II before, but it also shines with a confident voice of an author who was previously nominated for the Orange Prize. It is a book that will particularity appeal to women as the main three characters are three close female friends Babe, Grace and Millie. Next to Love is set in a small town in Massachusetts , the story starts right around the outbreak of the World War II and takes us all the way  to the early years of Vietnam war. The three women aside of being close childhood friends share something else in common; they are all married to soldiers. All three of them will have to face the war and its’ dramatic consequences and they will all chose very different way to respond to their individual challenges.

This is a beautiful and moving novel and even thought you will not smell the gun powder it will make you wonder about the stories of millions of households all over the world which were either grieving for the dead or trying to live with the shadows of the men who came back.
Read, enjoy and recommend Next to Love to a friend and you will be entered automatically into the draw for one of the five copies of Ellen’s previous book Scottsboro. Courtesy of Simon and Schuster