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Manly Man Hemingway Penned a Short Story at The Adorable Age of 10

For those who have read Hemingway’s work, you know him has a very frank and direct writer. From the start, Hemingway places his readers in a true and detailed setting that may have developed in his early childhood.


The first fiction story Hemingway ever attempted has been uncovered in a home in Key West in the wake of Hurricane Irma. Staying true to his style, Hemingway did extensive research on landmarks and locations that are featured throughout the story. 


Ernest Hemingway’s fourth wife Mary compiled a collection of possessions from throughout his life. She took what was important to her, but left some boxes with Betty and Toby Bruce, family friends of the Hemingways. Brewster Chamberlin, a writer and historian had begun cataloging the Hemingway’s belongings when he and Sandra Spanier discovered what looked to be Hemingway’s diary. Easily overlooked, the notebook which had a torn, brown, water stained cover contained Hemingway’s first recorded attempt at fiction writing. Sandra Spanier took a photo of Hemingway’s story, written on September 8, 1909. 





Hemingway Short Story

Images Via Sandra Spanier 


The story reads like a diary entry, detailing adventures around Europe. However Sandra Spanier realized that Hemingway had never made the trip and Mr. Chamberlin thought, ‘Oh my God, I thought, this is quite something. This is Hemingway’s first attempt at fiction.’ 


The short story is written as a letter to the narrator’s parents recalling travels from his own in Illinois to Europe and through Scotland and Ireland. Spanier said, “I find it interesting that at the age of 10 he is already checking his maps and finding these local landmarks.” Mr. Bruce said on the story, in an interview with The New York Times, “It deserves to be in some place where it can be studied.” 


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