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Mandela’s New Memoir Has Been Axed

Penguin Random House has withdrawn a memoir about Nelson Mandela’s final days from publishing according to reports from the Guardian. The book was heavily critiqued by family members of the former president of South Africa.


His widow, Graça Machel threatened legal action before the book was pulled. The publisher pulled the book out of respect for the family, as it had very personal details that involved some of Mandela’s relatives.


The book was originally released on July 18th, Mandela’s birthday, dubbed “Mandela Day.” The book was called “Mandela’s Last Years” and had details of events relating to his death, including information about a spy cam that was placed in the morgue where Mandela’s body was kept, and more information about an ambulance that caught fire while transporting him.


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“We received permission from the family. All parties who needed to be consulted were consulted,” says the author and physician, Vejay Ramlakan, in an interview with eNCA before the book was withdrawn.


Those in charge of Mandela’s estate have called the information in the book “deeply regrettable and unfortunate and constitute unlawful disclosures” in a statement.


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It’s unfortunate the story is no longer available, as it sounds incredibly interesting. An ambulance fire sounds like something out of fiction, not a memoir.


Mandela is famous for his humanitarian work and work in government. He received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993, 20 years before his death in 2013 due to an infection in his respiratory system.


Header image courtesy of The Ambassadors Magazine