Ian Stewart

Man Who Killed Children’s Author Helen Bailey May Have Killed Ex-Wife

Author Helen Bailey achieved success with her Elektra Brown series. She earned her profits and even spent some on her own personal home worth 1.5 million pounds. However, things took a dark turn for the author after she met with the now infamous Ian Stewart. Stewart would propose to Bailey, but with the intention of killing her and inheriting her wealth. He would succeed in taking her life, but not without being caught. In 2017 he was imprisoned for his crime.



However, Stewart may also be responsible for the death of his first wife. If not, he may have knowledge on what made her die so out of the blue. After being sentenced last year, detectives from the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire major crime unit re-examined the case.




Stewart didn’t stop at killing Bailey, he also killed her beloved dog | Image Via Pinterest



This Wednesday, it was reported that a 57-year-old man had been arrested earlier this week and questioned under the suspicion of the murder of Diane Stewart. The 47-year-old had previously been said to have died of natural causes and/or sudden death via unexpected epilepsy. The chief inspector of the crime unit reopened the case on suspicion that Stewart had killed before the murder of Helen Bailey.




Diane Stewart, Ian Stewart’s ex-wife | Image Via Daily Mail



Relatives of Diane Stewart seem to highly suspect Ian as the culprit. An anonymous family member stated to The Telegraph:



“We were told at the time it was an unexplained death and it has worried me, it has been on my mind that it was unexplained.”



Ian Stewart is highly suspected in at least having something to do with his ex-wife’s murder. Helen Bailey was drugged by Stewart with the sleeping drug Zopiclobe each night before finally killing her in April of 2016. Perhaps the killer may have done something similar with his ex-wife. The story is still in development, so for any updates, be sure to check out Bookstr daily.





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