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Man Pulls off Epic Marriage Proposal…With Help From Tom Hanks of Course

It was just last month that award-winning actor, father, husband, and now-author, Tom Hanks, released a collection of his original short stories. So far it’s been a success because, hey, it’s Tom Hanks. We love that guy! And now we love him just a little bit more.


During an event for Uncommon Type: Some StoriesTom Hanks played the role of Cupid at the Texas Book Festival in Austen.


Hanks Proposal

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He was in the middle of answering various audience questions when suddenly he blurted out that he was bored and he had his own question. He then proceeded to ask, “Nikki, will you marry me?” Well, that’s a surprise. The young couple, Ryan McFarling and Nikki Young, were then pulled up on stage by Hanks himself. Young, of course, had a look of total disbelief.


Hanks Proposal

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When they did get on stage, McFarling finished the job properly on one knee as Young cried tears of joy. Applause and cheers broke out.


And if that ain’t love by the book, I don’t know what is.


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