‘Man of Steel 2’ Announced!

How are you feeling after the recent DC movie releases? After all the drama about reviews I doubt anybody is ready to start talking about the development of Man of Steel 2. The movie has only just begun development, but rumors are already beginning to surface.

A few directors are being considered for the movie including JJ Abrams, Doug Liman, and Zack Snyder. The villain for this movie is almost certainly going to be the super-intelligent alien from Colu- Brainiac. Comic book fans are sure to be ecstatic about Brainiac’s appearance on the big screen, but an even bigger surprise will be the introduction of Supergirl!

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It’s rumored that Supergirl is Brainiac’s prisoner. At one point she was in his custody, thus she was able to avoid the destruction of Kyrpton. For some undisclosed reason, Brianiac has come to earth, bringing Supergirl with him.

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DC is not waiting around to bring all their heroes together. By the end of Man of Steel 2, we should expect to see almost the whole team together fighting against Brainiac. A lot can change during the development of this movie, but for the time being, get pumped!


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