Magna Carta on display at Salisbury Cathedral

Man Arrested After Trying to Steal 800-Year-Old Magna Carta

NPR reported that police in Salisbury, England, have arrested a man who tried to steal the Magna Carta. The 800-year-old document that established the fundamental principles of law sits in the Salisbury Cathedral and is one of four remaining copies.


Wiltshire Police explained, “the Magna Carta has not been damaged and nobody was injured in the incident.” The suspect’s identity has not been made public since his arrest on Thursday.


The attempted theft was apparently not the work of a professional. Witnesses say that the man was simply attacking the display case with a hammer.


BBC also reported that Salisbury Cathedral staff were able to restrain the man after attempting to flee the scene.



Magna Carta display case attacked with hammer

Image via BBC



Dean of Salisbury Nick Papadopoulos said, “There were people around so the cry went up, it was pretty thick glass so it hadn’t yielded easily despite having a hammer hit it.”


The Magna Carta has been removed for safe-keeping while the display case is being refurbished.



Featured Image via NPR