Making Your Own Costume For Halloween? Here’s Some DIY Inspo!

Here’s some much needed inspiration to get us excited about costumes and actually having something to look forward to come Oct. 31.

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This halloween will be a lot different from last year’s and even the year before that. Due to COVID-19, Halloween is basically cancelled: no trick or treating, no massive Halloween parties… but people still want to fully enjoy the spirit of the season. Buying your own costume is, of course, an option, but for those of us who are a bit broke and thinking of putting together one of our own, getting the best costume can be daunting. Here’s some much needed inspiration to get us excited about costumes and actually having something to look forward to for Oct. 31.

And, since we are all books all the time over hear at Bookstr, we’ve got literary costume options galore.





Pinterest is a great idea to get inspiration for putting together a homemade or DIY costume with other pieces (inexpensive or not) that you may have bought.


Image via Pinterest


You can go from following this guide for become a Hobbit, to becoming a Hobbit!


Image via Alan Tijerina



If you’re feeling more preppy, school-girl-witchy vibes, this Halloween, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is where you need to go!


Image via WIRED


You can go from being a basic witch, to the baddest witch.


Image via u/Kelui-Reddit


Costumes don’t have to be exact. You can put together a fly Sabrina look with things in your own closet.

In keeping with the witches and wizards of the world, Harry Potter characters are always an iconic costumes to wear and put together especially on a budget. They consist of are a multitude of heroes, villains and side characters that you could piece together.


Image via Forbes


Image via Dear Creatives


We have our Bookstr’s own, Sammie, giving you a real Bellatrix fantasy, along with her sister, Cait, as Luna Lovegood. And homemade wands (crafted by Cait)!


Image via Sammie Jones


Image via Sammie Jones

Quote from Sammie on how she and her sister made their costumes and wands.




Now, don’t be alarmed! Not everyone can be an Etsy queen like Sammie’s sister but there are plenty of artists who hand make jewelry and accessories for any costume you can dream of. And if you know someone who can throw down like Caitlin, team up. And remember to have fun with it!


Image via Mashable


Classic costumes will never go out of style. Werewolves, Frankenstein’s monster, vampires, ghosts, The Invisible Man, The Mummy; you can never go wrong with these staples of the horror genre.


Image via Gunaxin


How cute is this family of monsters?!


Image via Popsugar


You can’t get any more classic then a beautiful, seductive vampire. We have our very own Becky, who is a cosplay legend as Lestat from Interview With A Vampire.


Image via Becky Chester (taken by Owl Feathers Photography)


Knowing how Becky gets down, she spent weeks putting this one together. Becky chose to hand sew the long ruffled undershirt, victorian choker, and take in a store bought overcoat to fit better. Luckily for her, she didn’t have to buy a wig for the luxurious Lestat, but you can get a semi-long curled blonde wig in any halloween store near you. But for non-cosplayers or people who don’t sew, you can easily get all the components in the victorian/pirate section of any halloween store, along with the traditional vampire fangs and blood. Sew she can!


Image via Becky Chester (taken by Owl Feathers Photography)




But remember, Halloween is supposed to be fun, so don’t stress about what you are going to wear, buy or put together. If you don’t want to dress, that’s cool too. You can dress up your pets, children or… plant pots if you are into that.

We do have exciting news here at Bookstr, however! This Halloween season we have collaborated with Infiniscape, to host a virtual event called, Scary Stories. Come dressed up or not; we just hope you join us. You’ll be able to connect with fellow book lovers, win prizes and learn from best selling author, Heather Graham, about writing horror stories.

Click the link to find out more and to register.



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