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Make Your Own Books With Inspiration From These Tutorials

Have you ever made your own book? It might seem like a daunting process, and while it is true that it may take you some time, it will also be a rewarding experience. You can create something unique with your own hands that can be used for a long time: journals, scrapbooks, cookbooks– the choices are endless! Here are some video tutorials you can follow to make your new books.


Staple and Glue Free Mini Notebooks


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Make A Book From One Piece of Paper


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Mini Notebooks from One Sheet of Paper


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DIY Sketchbook Tutorial


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Make Book From Recycled Candy Box

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You can buy some bookmaking materials on Etsy here. If you don’t or can’t make one yourself, you can buy really cool handmade book covers to make your books stand out. Make the time you spend with your books even more fun!


Images of Book Making Materials

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Feature Image Via Sydney Community College.