Make This DIY Hogwarts Letter Clutch

It’s been over a decade and I still haven’t received my Hogwarts letter — or even a letter to Ilvermorny! Since I was little, I’ve been dreaming of walking up to the castle hall, being sorted into a house, and learning everything there is to learn about magic. Sadly, I am afraid this will never happen. Even if there is an actual wizarding school opening in England, I fear I’ll never be exposed to the exact world Harry, Ron, and Hermione experienced.

If you’re like me and have never been asked to join a wizarding school, no worries! Artist, Lauren Fairweather has the perfect fix. Fairweather has designed an envelope clutch that resembles a Hogwarts letter! Now you can show off the fact that you got into the best wizarding school in the world in style!  


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