Maggie Gyllenhaal Takes on Another Classic

 Maggie Gyllenhaal is back on that audio-book grind. The 38 year old actress has been a longtime narrator of great literature, lending her voice to classics like The Bell Jar.  Now she’s taken on one of the greatest: Anna Karenina


In an interview with The Washington Post, Gyllenhaal revealed that reading through the mammoth realist novel was no easy feat. It took a grand total of 120 hours to complete. Gyllenhaal apparently tried to read each segment in advance, to get a sense of how each session would go.

Re-reading one of her favorite books in this context ended up being a truly rewarding experience. On the experience, Gyllanhaal says:

 “It was amazing. I learned things about myself from reading the book in the way that I think a lot of people learn things about themselves from reading the book, whether its aloud or to yourself. And I learned different things about myself at 37 doing it than I learned when I was 25, which is also the mark of an amazing book.”

Those hoping to hear Gyllenhaal bust out her best Russian accent, will be disappointed. The actress declined to affect her voice, claiming: “My skill really is not doing voices…my skill is basically finding a deep kind of empathy for whomever I’m playing…And Anna Karenina’ is the perfect book for that.”

The audio-book will be available through Audible. In the meantime, check out this excerpt!  

Featured Image courtesy of Entertainment Weekly