Mad Men Creator Matthew Weiner Enters the World of Literature

Matthew Weiner is known for his tremendous success as the creator of Mad Men. The AMC blockbuster won numerous Emmy’s, Golden Globes, and even a Peabody.  Now that the show is over, Weiner is looking for his next big project. But instead of creating a new show, he decided to try his hand at writing a book.


Entertainment Weekly recently covered the story saying that Heather, The Totality is a “dark fable set in contemporary Manhattan…about three people from two worlds who are on a collision course in pursuit of a beautiful child.” Weiner said he got his inspiration from a conversation he overhead while walking near his apartment.

In an interview with The Blade, Weiner said he felt like the girl was in some kind of “animal danger.” He began to expand the idea until it eventually turned into a full blown novel. Heather, the main character, is being bombarded by multiple people who are seeking to control her without any consideration about what she actually wants.

The tension of the book is doubled by Weiner’s writing style. Editor-in-chief of LittleBrown, Judith Clain, said it had an “Edgar Allan Poe feel” and “It’s psychologically very chilling, very clever, and you feel while you’re reading it that something terrible is going to happen.” Anytime a book can be appropriately compared to Edgar Allan Poe is an automatic buy for me.

Some may be not be too thrilled by his attempt to break into the world of literature. Just because he is a big time Hollywood guy suddenly means he can write a book that is reminiscent of the great Edgar Allen Poe?! Before we take out our pitchforks let’s give him a chance and judge his ability to write after reading his book.

Weiner has stated that his literary influences on Mad Men, ‘Include works by John Cheever, poets Frank O’Hara and Allen Ginsberg, and novelist Sherwood Anderson.” Clain supports these claims by saying, “He’s really literary and extremely well read, so he’s not a film person or TV writer who thought, ‘I’ll write a novel, how hard could it be?'” Unfortunately we are just going to have to wait and see if Weiner can be as successful as a writer as he is a producer.



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